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Hinge Mental Health Advocates of Tomorrow Initiative

The foundation of any relationship or meaningful connection is investing in one’s own mental wellness however, an important element of truly impactful care is receiving it from those with shared experiences and perspectives. Hinge discovered for their queer and BIPOC users, this kind of professional support is really lacking. To help initiate change Hinge invited current students in the mental health field who intend to support BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities to apply for the chance to be one of ten winners who will receive $10,000 to help fund their education.

Probability’s Services Included:​

  • Official Rules

  • Disclaimers for all Promotional Channels

  • Designing, Building and Hosting the Entry Site

  • Finalist Notification & Verification

  • Affidavits and Releases

  • Background Checks

  • Prize Fulfillment

  • Tax Reporting

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